Tierra Adorada District #14

California Federation of Women’s Clubs

Program Chairmen


TAD Dean of Chairmen:  Shirley Scott


Community Service Program Chairmen

*Arts                                            Joanne Caldwell

*Conservation                              Diane Grossman

*Education                                   Sandi Chapman

*Home Life                                  Barbara Cunningham

*International Outreach             Mary Harrison

*Public Issues Co-Chairs            Patti Bagley & Connie Biggers



Special Appointment Chairmen

*Advocates for Children                          Maureen Tolson

*Communication/Public Relations           Jansi Sauer & Vanessa Otto

*Domestic Violence Awareness                Carolyn Shupe

  Fine Arts Festival Chairs                      Joanne Caldwell and Carmen Jerome


             Country Faire Kitchen   


             Creative Writing Contest            Adult - Leila Perlmutter

                                                                 Student - Joanne Caldwell

             Floral                                           Jo Millett and Denise Foxwell

             Photography Contest                   Jan Breeding and Mary Harrison

*Fundraising                                            Judy Connors

*Leadership                                              Shirley Scott

*Legislation/Public Policy                       Bobbie Woods

*Membership                                            Carol Burkhart

  Resolutions                                             Erna Kraemer

*Women’s History & Resource Center     Catherine Nye


*Requires a written narrative report sent to the CFWC Chair

 by February 15th of each year.